Everything depends on the kind of person you are, the areas you like to move around, and your goal while in Quito.

Do you enjoy your privacy, having your own place, with full independence and great internet? Perfect for a long stay, work travels, move around the city. Set at the modern side of Quito, with many hype restaurants and bars around.

Maywa Suites is for you!
Go check it out! Totally private studios with everything independent

More info here!

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Are you are a social bug, you love having people around and helping on the house chores? Are you easy going, love art and a relaxed life? Go check La Floresta Co- living then. Rooms for rent with shared areas. Set at a bohemian side of the city.

La Floresta Co-Living is your call!
They are having openings for September 2021, apply now!