maywa on the rocks

What does “Maywa” mean? / Que significa Maywa?

Maywa is the emblematic Orchid of Ecuadorian Capital, Quito. In Quichua Language is winay wayn that meas “Forever young”. Ecuador was declared as Orchid Country, with 4032 species, 1714 are endemics, included the smaller that has 2,1 mm of size. The Orchids belongs to the Orchidaceae Family considered as the missing link between the animal and vegetable world due of their conservation depends the live of natural chain since 65 millions of years ago.

What amenities does the rooms and suites include?

Fresh towels, sheets and extra blankets are included.  Also toiletteries.
Every loft has its own TV, fridge, microwave, kitchenette, electric kettle. (Iron under request)

What should I expect from my stay at Maywa?

This is your home away from home. PRIVACY OVER ALL!-  You’ll have your independent access, WI-FI, private kitchen to prepare your meals, access to the roof top to enjoy the sun, make a BBQ or lay in the hammock en enjoy the views.

What about the cleaning?

We do it once at the end of your stay, if you need someone to clean it for you while you are staying (normally for medium-longer stays) we can provide the service for an extra $20 fee. Fresh towels and sheets are supplied under request for $10.

I need a shuttle from Quito Airport, can you help me with it?

Sure, please let us know at least with one day in advance. The regular price is $30

How can I pay for my stay?

Cash and all credit cards are welcome.

What happens if I change my plans and can’t stay the total amount of days I booked?

All of our rates are non-refundable

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